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  Proposition of New Members
  Proposition of New Members June 2021
  Proposition of New Members May 2021
  Proposition of New Members - April 2021
  Proposition of New Members - March 2021
  Proposition of New Members - February 2021
  Proposition of New Members - January 2021
  APWU Contract 2021
  Negotiations Update: APWU and USPS “Stop the Clock” to Continue Bargaining for a New Contract
  Contract Update: Union & Management “Locking Down” Ahead of September 20 Expiration
  Negotiations Update
  Contract Negotiations Begin
  Supporters at Virtual Rally Join the Fight for APWU – Our Contract, Our Union, Our Future as Negotiations Begin
  Contract Information and Frequently Used Resources
  APWU History
  APWU Military
  Blue Water
  Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act
  APWU Salutes Our Veterans
  T'was the Night Before Christmas
  Breaking News
  Statement on USPS Service Standard Changes
  Latest COVID MOUs and Liberal Leave Policy Extensions until Dec. 31
  Nabisco Workers Win Strong New Contract Following Month-Long Strike
  Democracy: Of, By and For the People
  Research & Education October Zoom Trainings
  Vaccination Mandates by President Biden
  Solidarity and Support to Victims of Hurricane Ida
  National Maintenance Assistant Director “A” Jimmie Waldon Retires
  AFL-CIO Executive Council Elects Sister Liz Shuler President
  Brothers & Sisters In Need
  BCTGM Members Are on Strike: Aurora, Colorado
  DMAL Helps Member in Need
  A Heart for HULK
  Clerk Craft
  Additional Extension of April 3, 2020 MOU, Re: Bulk Mail Tech and Mailing Requirements Clerk Position Qualification, Agreed to by APWU & USPS
  Das Issues Remedy Award on PM End of Day Button Case
  Das Issues Remedy Award on PM End of Day Button Case
  Postal Service Sends Directive to the Field on Lead Clerks Performing TACS Duties
  Union Secures Third Historic Staffing Agreement
  Bulk Mail Tech and Mailing Requirement Clerk
  Latest COVID MOUs and Liberal Leave Policy Extensions until Dec. 31
  Vaccination Mandates by President Biden
  OSHA Releases New COVID-19 Guidance to Protect Workers
  Latest COVID MOUs and Liberal Leave Policy Extensions
  APWU COVID-19 Update to the Field
  APWU Statement on Mandatory Vaccination for Federal Employees
  Funeral Assistance for COVID-19 Related Deaths
  Now It Is Easier to File FECA COVID Claims
  Fully Vaccinated Can Shed Masks in Most Outdoor, Indoor Settings: CDC
  Biden Sets New Goal of Vaccinating 70% of Americans
  COVID Vaccine Booking Appointments
  COVID-19 and OWCP Claims Workshop
  APWU Advocates for Prioritization of Postal Workers in National COVID-19 Vaccination Plan
  COVID-19 Vaccine Information
  National APWU Encourages Continued COVID-19 Safety Diligence
  COVID-19 STAND UP TALK 51 – Delivery & Retail
  FMCSA Extends Policy Changes for Drivers Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Expired Medical Certifications & Driver’s License Policies Laxed until Sept. 30
  Extension of COVID-19 MOUs
  USPS COVID-19 Case Trends
  COVID-19 and the DMAL
  COVID-19 Emergency Considerations for Fiscal Year 2020
  We Are Essential
  COVID-19 and EAP Services
  Pandemic Crisis Brings Double Trouble
  USPS COVID-19 Close Contact Investigations Summay 04.17.20 LDC
  FFCRA APWU Questions and Answers 4-9-2020
  Temporary Exception Period
  Express 20-03
  Express 20-02
  OSHA Press Release
  Maintenance Update
  MOU MVS Temporary Staffing and Subcontracting MVS 4-8-20 - MD Signed
  COVID-19 MAIL PROCESSING Guidelines for PVS Drivers (2)
  COVID-19 Stand Up Talks 29 ALL EMPLOYEES COVID-19 Supplies Purchasing Updates
  COVID-19 Stand Up Talks 28 ALL EMPLOYEES Interacting with VMF Personnel
  FFCRA Web Article
  Decision Tree
  Liberal Changes of Schedule and Leave
  Interacting with HCR Drivers MOU
  Essential Service Provider Letter
  COVID FAQ April 1 2020 - Q A
  Maintenance Update - Special Edition
  COVID-19 and OWCP Claims Workshop
  DMAL Heroes
  Linda Weiman
  DMAL History
  History of DMAL Officers
  Family Fun
  Labor Day History
  Maintenance Craft
  Maintenance: 50 Years Later
  Jason Treier to Serve as Maintenance Division Assistant Director
  National Maintenance Assistant Director “A” Jimmie Waldon Retires
  Mail Processing Equipment Arbitration
  Custodial Team Cleaning Failed the COVID Test
  Meeting Notices
  May General Membership Meeting
  Members In Need
  Melissa Duran's Granddaughter in N.I.C.
  Passing of Frank Romero, Former Organization Director
  Statement by APWU President Mark Dimondstein on the Passing of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
  Former National Officer Thomas Neill Passes Away
  Mourning Postal Workers Lost in COVID-19 Pandemic
  John R. Smith, First Retirees Director, Passes Away
  House Representative Elijah Cummings, Champion for Postal Workers, Dies at 68
  Mourning the Murder of Mary Granados
  In Memoriam Steven G. Raymer APWU Maintenance Division Director
  Remembering President Emeritus William Burrus
  In Memory of Kenny Wilson
  Martin Murphy
  MVS Craft
  MVS Division Settles Step-4 Grievance on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
  And It’s Got Air
  Das 110 HCRs Noncompliance Award Issued
  MVS Challenges Zero Base Review
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  Photo Gallery
  Retiree Chapter
  DMAL Retiree Chapter Charter
  Your Retiree Chapter Needs You
  Constitution & By-Laws
  Retiree Meeting Notices
  Are You Too Old To Fight?
  Retirees Targeted for Austerity
  2013 DMAL Retiree Chapter Meeting Minutes3
  2014 DMAL Retiree Chapter Meeting Minutes
  2015 DMAL Retiree Meeting Minutes
  2016 Retiree Chapter Meeting Minutes
  2017 DMAL Retiree Chapter Minutes
  Retiree Corner
  Retirees Online Applications for Holiday Temp Jobs Due Sept. 6, 2021
  COLA For Social Security Recipients
  COLA for FERS Retirees
  COLA for CSRS Retirees
  COVID-19 Vaccination and You
  Still Fighting for Justice: Continuing to Use Our Voices for What’s Next
  Alliance for Retired Americans Articles
  Medicare and You
  Postal Retirement Benefits
  About the APWU Retirees Department
  Useful Links
  Retirement Annuity Computation
  Retirement Seminars
  Workers Want Answers in the Wake of Five Deaths
  Special Interests
  Pet Insurance from Voluntary Benefits
  Black Women Raise Their Voices
  APWU Celebrates Women's History Month
  Breast Cancer
  Gynecologic Cancer
  USPS Pay Information
  Pay Information
  COLA For Employees Covered by the National Agreement
  Sixth COLA Increase Announced
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  APWU Health Plan
  APWU Health Plan Gains Accreditation
  APWU Health Plan 2021 Benefits
  APWU Health PlanTobacco Cessation Program
  36th Annual APWU Virtual Open Season Seminar
  U.S. COVID Infections, Deaths Drop to Levels Not Seen Since Last Summer
  Welcome to our 2021 APWU Health Plan Virtual Open Season Health Fairs!
  APWU Health Plan - New 2022 Benefits
  Instant Savings on Eyecare and Prescriptions with Your Free Union Plus Discount Cards
  Mortgage Program - Union Plus
  Voluntary Benefits Life Insurance
  Federal Employee Benefits
  Voluntary Benefits Plan
  Union Plus
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  Communications of the Local
  Letter from a Non-Member
  Thank You Letter from Moe Biller Scholarship Winner
  DMAL Financials
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  Budget Overview Oct - Dec 2020
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  Budget Overview - January - December 2021
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  Executive Board Meeting 2017 - 2018
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  FMLA and Using Sick/Annual Leave
  Your Safety, Your Life
  Lanae Vargas 4th Place Winner - Moe Biller Scholarship
  Julie Huynh 3rd Place Winner Moe Biller Scholarship
  Tamera Huynh 2nd Place Winner Moe Biller Scholarship
  Amber Gustason 1st Place Winner Moe Biller Scholarship
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