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Mar 15, 2019
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Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Produces Video Against Postal Privatization!

Web News Article 

10/29/2018 - In a strong show of solidarity, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA produced a video to educate flight attendants about the importance of public services and the role of solidarity in winning our fights.

“The U.S. Postal Service mail and packages fly on our planes. The routes we fly to communities across the country depend on a strong United States Postal Service. We’re standing with our sisters and brothers from [the four postal unions] to stop privatization!” 

The video features APWU convention delegates speaking about the importance of a public Postal Service and the need to stand in solidarity. Courtney Agee from Birmingham, Alabama is ready for the fight against privatization: “We can prevent this. We can. We can band together. We can not be scared. We can get in the face of Congress and say, ‘Hey, you can’t take this from the public like you want to.’ I can’t even imagine America without the Postal Service.”

“Look to your left, look to your right, look behind you, and tell everyone around you, ‘I’ve got your back!,’” proclaimed Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA at the August APWU convention in Pittsburgh.

Nelson’s call for solidarity inspired APWU member Stephanie McGee from Kansas City. “To see that you have other unions that support you and that have your back 100 percent,” said McGee, “it’s a wonderful thing.”

Jan 14, 2019

APWU Officers Join Protest to #StopTheShutdown


01/11/2019 - On January 10, APWU officers and members joined hundreds of furloughed federal government employees, labor leaders, congressional representatives and other allies on the steps of the “House of Labor,” the AFL-CIO, to demand an end to the government shut down and resulting “lockout” of 800,000 federal employees.

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National President J. David Cox clarified, “I’d like to make sure that everyone knows that this effort and extortion is more of a lockout than a shutdown.”

“We’re either locked out of our jobs, or we’re locked into our jobs without pay,” Cox continued. “It’s even more of an accurate description that I would say it’s a shakedown, brothers and sisters…what’s being held hostage? Our tax dollars are being held hostage. The government programs we’ve all paid for are being held hostage. Our members jobs and paychecks are being held hostage.”

“Like everyone else, I have bills -mortgage, heat, water…and my student loans still need to be paid,” U.S. Department of Justice Research Librarian Janice Fridie said. “My creditors want cash, not IOUs.”

Hundreds marched together down 16th Street, straight to the White House, to telling President Trump: ‘END THIS SHUTDOWN – NOW!’

The shut down is negatively affecting all people of this country with inspectors unable to enforce regulations on food and other goods, affordable housing applications unable to be reviewed and approved, and power grid monitors off the job and unable to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

Additionally, as furloughed Kennedy Space Station Industrial High Voltage Technician Steve Ching explained, “this is true trickle down economics…no paychecks means: no gas for our cars, no money for our prescriptions, no money for groceries, no money for our utilities, and no money for our mortgages and rent. These are all affected businesses in our community that will see a downturn in their ability to make money.” 

Join the fight and call your U.S. Senator at (202) 224-3121 to demand they take action.

Dec 26, 2018

Payment Checks for SRT Remedy to be Mailed in January


12/20/2018 - As part of the remedy settlement for the Postal Service’s violations regarding the Sales Retention Team (SRT) Pilot Program, the Postal Service is expected to be mailing settlement payments to previously identified eligible individuals by the end of January 2019. 

In a December 8, 2016 decision, Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg ruled that the Postal Service violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) when they assigned injured workers to perform Clerk Craft work at Sales Retention Team sites without first assigning the work to the Clerk Craft and posting the duty assignments for bid. As part of the arbitrator’s ruling, the parties agreed to a $36 million remedy settlement on January 12, 2018. 

On July, 8, 2018, the APWU identified and posted the names of eligible employees and amounts to be paid on the APWU website. Current and former employees had an opportunity to address eligibility and the amount received. After all the information was processed, the APWU provided the names of eligible employees and amounts to the Postal Service so they could send the payment checks to employees. 

The below section describes where the payment checks will be mailed to the previously identified eligible employees and procedures for ensuring a current mailing address. 

SRT Remedy Payment

  • The first round of SRT Remedy Payments will be made by separate check to the individuals provided by the APWU. 
  • It is anticipated that the checks will be mailed mid/end of January. 
  • The check will include the following verbiage to indicate the reason: Sales Retention Team (SRT) Remedy Agreement Q10C-4Q-C 14011344.

Employees on the Rolls

  • Checks to employees currently on the rolls will be mailed to the employee’s current work location.
  • Those employees who have direct deposit for their payroll check will have a paper check mailed to their work location. 

Employees No Longer on the Rolls

  • For individuals who are not on the rolls, checks will be mailed to their home address of record. 
  • If checks are returned to Eagan because individuals no longer reside at the address of record and there are no forwarding orders on file, Eagan will provide USPS HQ Labor Relations a list of those individuals to Lamont Brooks, APWU Assistant Clerk Craft Director.
  • If APWU is able to provide updated addresses for those individuals, the USPS will reissue/resend the checks.
  • For those individuals, the USPS will reissue/resend the checks with the assistance of APWU providing updated address information.

Please do not spend the money before you receive it, and Happy Holidays.

Dec 26, 2018

New Leave Year Begins Jan. 5


12/20/2018 - The 2019 new leave year begins and ends as indicated below:

Begins: PP 02-2019, Jan 5, 2019

Ends: PP 01-2020, Jan 3, 2020

Click here for the 2019 Pay & Holiday Calendar. Click here for the 2019 Leave Chart.

Dec 11, 2018
Statement by Mark Dimondstein President, American Postal Workers Union on White House Postal Task Force on the Postal Service Report For Immediate Release 12/04/2018 - If the White House Task Force on the Postal Service’s report was assigned a ZIP Code it would be 00000.

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