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Sep 21, 2020

Statement: Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Postal Policies that Could Slow Election Mail

September 18, 2020 

Yesterday, Judge Stanley Bastian of the federal district court in Washington state issued a nationwide order prohibiting the Postal Service from making major operational changes before the November election. The lawsuit was led by the State of Washington, and it was joined by Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The Court was concerned that Postmaster General DeJoy was making or allowing operational changes or policies that could slow down the mail and result in the disenfranchisement of voters. The Judge directed the Postal Service to stop these changes, and not make any more changes that could interfere with the high quality of mail service that postal workers are rightly proud to provide the people of the country.

The injunction should mean a return to the policies and practices postal workers know that have successfully facilitated voting by mail for decades. Millions of people need to vote by mail this year to be safe and healthy. Millions more will want to vote by mail in the future. With this Court order and the PMG’s commitments to Congress, combined with the dedication of postal workers to our mission of public service, the people of the country should be confident in the Postal Service’s ability to safely and securely process and deliver election mail this fall.

This year has brought postal workers many unprecedented challenges, tragedies and successes. A federal court stepping in to stop bad management of our treasured public Postal Service is the latest. It underscores how important the Postal Service is, not only to postal workers and our families, but to the democratic process as well.

The APWU calls on the Postal Service to keep its promises and follow the rule of law. And the APWU will be there to make sure it does, working at every level to make sure election mail is handled with the same care and speed that has always been the Postal Service’s tradition for voting by mail.

Postal workers are proud to serve the public no matter what challenges we face, whether they come from outside or inside the Postal Service. Together we’ll continue our hard work to preserve and expand a public Postal Service that meets the needs of our families, our community, and our country.

Sep 02, 2020

Update on National Arbitration “End of Day” Case

September 1, 2020 

In the July/August 2020 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine, the Clerk Craft reported that the remedy settlement hearing for the Article 1.6.B “End of Day” button (PMEOD) case was scheduled for August 12-13. However, the Postal Service requested a postponement from the arbitrator at the beginning of the August 12 hearing.

The Postal Service contended that it needed additional time to complete a final analysis of their position regarding the backpay issue. The APWU objected to any further delay of this issue, maintaining that management had approximately three years to submit any such report. Moreover, the Union noted to the arbitrator that our request for certain documents, also three years old, had yet to be furnished by the Postal Service.

After consideration of both parties’ positions, Arbitrator Das granted the Postal Service’s motion for postponement but, based on the Union’s arguments, placed the following conditions on management:

1.    The remedy hearing would be rescheduled for December 3-4, 2020.
2.    At least three weeks prior to the December hearing dates, but sooner if possible, management will provide the Union with the analysis of what it believes would be a proper remedy in this case.
3.    The Union’s document request will be discussed by the parties as soon as possible and the Postal Service will make every effort to provide those documents to the APWU.

If any resolution is reached between the parties prior to the December rescheduled dates, the Clerk Craft will provide updates to the membership.

Aug 19, 2020

Statement: Announcement by the

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy That Recent

Changes Slowing the Mail Will Be Temporarily Reversed

August 18, 2020 

Statement by Mark Dimondstein President, American Postal Workers Union

on Announcement by the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy That Recent

Changes Slowing the Mail Will Be Temporarily Reversed

The members of the American Postal Workers Union applaud the efforts of postal customers who, along with civil rights and veterans organizations, other labor unions, community groups, and elected officials, pushed back against newly implemented policies instituted by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. They fought against those measures that were designed to delay mail by canceling overtime, limiting mail transportation, eliminating sorting machines, and reducing Post Office hours.

We welcome the postmaster’s reversal of these policies. These rollbacks would not have happened without public outcry and civic action.  The public would not have been aware of these regressive policies if postal workers around the country had not sounded the alarm.

However, this fight for the public Post Office is far from over.

The Covid-19 induced economic crisis is deeply affecting the projected finances of the United States Postal Service. As a public agency that normally does not rely on tax dollars, a steep drop in revenue linked to the pandemic will cause the USPS to run out of money early next year.

In order for postal workers to continue to carry out their vital work and deliver for the people every day, the USPS is in immediate need of $25 billion in Covid-related financial relief. It’s time for Congress to deliver.

Up until now, the Trump administration has blocked the USPS from any direct financial assistance. The USPS is an essential public service that binds the country together and delivers vital public health information, medicine, financial transactions and needed supplies to every American household and business and is a critical component in our election process with vote-by-mail access to the ballot box.

We do our job. Congress and the administration need to do theirs and ensure that postal workers can safely and reliably deliver for the people of the country during this year and beyond.

The struggle to save the public Postal Service is far from over. The USPS, which delivers to 160 million addresses every day and is normally supported by the sale of stamps and services, needs emergency financial help. And we must ensure that these rollbacks announced today are made permanent and that the people’s Post Office remains a public service. This is the United States Postal Service, not Postal Business. It is overwhelmingly supported by the people and belongs to the people.  They have made it clear that they intend to keep it.

Aug 10, 2020

Briefing: Why We Need the Postal Service

August 7, 2020  

The U.S. Postal Service has long been an important source of decent jobs, particularly for people of color, who make up 40 percent of their workforce. In the current crisis, postal workers are playing a particularly vital role in our nation’s economic and public health as they strain to meet the surge in demand for package deliveries. At the same time, mail volume has plummeted as a result of the crisis. Without emergency relief, the Postal Service is facing a real threat of bankruptcy. This webinar explained why we need to save the Postal Service from this immediate threat — and support innovations like postal banking that will make USPS an even greater public asset for generations to come.

Aug 10, 2020

President Dimondstein on PBS News Hour

The vital role of 

U.S. Postal Service in American Elections

August 5, 2020 

With the election nearing and many parts of the U.S. in the grips of COVID-19, mail-in ballots have become a prominent issue. But President Trump has disparaged both the U.S. Postal Service and the integrity of voting by mail. What effect could his criticism have? William Brangham talks to Mark Dimondstein of the American Postal Workers Union and then Spencer Cox, lieutenant governor of Utah.

Aug 10, 2020

Don't Give Them Your "Postal Pulse"

August 4, 2020 

The USPS is once again starting their attempts to get their employees “engaged”. It is Postal Pulse time again! Most likely you have received emails, direct mailings, stand-up talks, and have seen wall postings encouraging you to take the survey.

The APWU wants to remind all employees that we advise against participating in surveys that the Postal Service conducts. 

Recent surveys besides the Postal Pulse have be used to attack our jobs. In the past surveys have been used against the APWU and those we represent in the bargaining processing. Postal Service surveys are not in our best interests. Collectively, our voices are stronger when we fight together to improve wages, benefits, and the working conditions at the Post Office.

The Postal Pulse has now been conducted for multiple years and the APWU does not believe the survey has been beneficial to the membership. Do not let the promise of a pizza party or the promise of some inexpensive “award” lure you into participation. You have the right to refuse the survey and you cannot be instructed to participate. 

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