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Nabisco Workers On Strike!

Members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) at Nabisco are on strike, fighting for a fair contract and to keep jobs in their community. Join them on the picket line to show Nabisco that you support the workers—no contract, no snacks!  On Aug. 10, Nabisco workers in Oregon went on strike because they refused to accept contract concessions that would rob them of their dignity.  Their union siblings in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia joined the strike shortly after.  They’re united in their message: stop exporting our jobs to Mexico and end your demands for contract concessions.  BCTGM members are united in their support for each other across the country. So let’s stand with the Nabisco workers and join them on the picket line!

Denver Metro APWU Informational Picketing

By Lawanda Davis, President

Denver Metro Area Local Members,

The Union will be doing an informational picket on September 17, 2021 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, at the Denver GMF. We are giving away "Dump Dejoy" t-shirts on a first come first serve basis for Denver Metro APWU members, if you join us and pass out literature about Dejoy and his shenanigans.  All members of the APWU, NALC and NPMHU are welcome to join the Denver Metro at this Informational Picketing.

If you would like to purchase one of these t-shirts, contact your Steward. All t-shirts must be paid for in advance by check, no cash!  The t-shirts will be on sale to APWU, NALC and NPMHU members for the following prices: 

$10 for S-2XL    $15 FOR 3XL-4XL

Non-members desiring to purchase a t-shirt will cost:

$15 for S-2XL and $20 for 3XL-4XL

Revised Policy on Wearing Face Coverings

By Charles Quintana Assistant Director Clerks

An updated policy on face coverings was put out, dated August 27, 2021. It is the Union's view that management may put out such a policy for health reasons. The Union maintains that such a policy does not violate any contractual rights that are within the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Union nationally has maintained that face coverings are put in place for the safety of yourself and other employees and/or customers and, the Union does not disagree with keeping APWU members safe. We do not know of any APWU locals that are filing grievances for the Policy on Wearing Face Coverings.

However, management must make it clear that such policy is in place, by having stand-ups and making sure that all employees are aware that there is such a policy. All employees and members of the Union must be aware of the policy and that is on management to make happen.

I will say that although face covering can be uncomfortable, especially during the summer months and even more so with the crazy heat we have experienced in the Denver Metro Area, it serves as an added safety measure since the Delta variant of COVID 19 seems to be surging in certain parts.

Hope everyone has a safe rest of your summer and stay safe during the upcoming Labor Day Holiday!

Clerks & Newly Converted Career Clerks

By Laviena Vargas, Director Clerk Craft

Congratulations to all the PSE’s clerks who have been converted into Career status. As a full-time employee you are now eligible for certain changes and benefits. I would like to list a few as friendly reminders:

  • Your annual leave will be advanced to you at the beginning of each leave year.
  • You may not use any annul leave within the first 90 days of becoming a Career employee.
  • You do NOT have to serve another 90 day probation period.
  • Your salary will be calculated at the full-time annual basic rate.
  • You will be guaranteed eight hours of work per day/40 hours per week.
  • You will receive ten (10) paid holidays per year.
  • You will be prohibited from transferring outside of the installation for 1 year.

As a UAR (Unassigned Regular) you were given a temporary FLSA schedule.  Please know and understand that this temporary assignment is NOT a bid job. I advise and encourage all UAR’s to bid as many jobs as possible on every DPM. As an unassigned regular, management will assign any residual jobs to the UAR’s by seniority. As of right now, most of the jobs that are turning into residual jobs are station bids with Window requirements on them.

Also, please take note that the GMF Finance Tour 2 jobs are generally the 231 floater bids. These bid duties cover all Denver stations and require Window qualifications as well.

Congratulations to all career clerks as the APWU’s hard work has resulted in a COLA (cost of living adjustment) raise. The COLA raise is $.93 more an hour.  This will be effective on the September 17, 2021 paycheck.

Any questions regarding new career employment and benefits or the COLA raises, please reach out to your tour/section Union Steward or, you may contact myself Laviena Vargas, Clerk Craft Director at 303-365-1524 ext. 13.

Clerks…please get out and support our Union Brothers and sisters at Nabisco who are on STRIKE!

ALL CLERKS - Also please wear your Union gear to show management and everyone else that the Union is present and strong on the work room floors.



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