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                                      FROM THE PRESIDENT

                                         By Laviena Vargas

Summer Greetings to all DMAL Union brothers and sisters!

We have many new exciting things for our union and our members.

We have a newly elected DMAL administration. Congratulations to each elected officer! Much respect and recognition to every member who campaigned and ran for office in the election as well. We applaud every candidate and every member who remained professional and respectful during the campaigning for the 2022 DMAL officer election.

“Thank You and Job well done!”

Please look over and review the current listing of the officers and the union stewards who are here to assist you with any union issues and grievances. Please remember that the steward for your tour or station is the steward who will file any grievance for that section .(listed on back of this page).

With great pleasure and pride, I would like to announce that the DMAL’s Office Manager of 37 glorious years, Mrs. Rita Burns has retired from the DMAL. She is missed every single day by every single one of us. The DMAL wishes Rita and her family much happiness and many blessings in her retirement and in her next chapter in life! She will always be a part of our DMAL Union Family!

As one door closes, another door opens! We now have a new Office Secretary for our Local. Please help us all welcome Ms. Michaela Brisker to our Union Family! She has been a wonderful addition to our office. Michaela is doing a great job at learning and taking on all the secretary duties for our officers, members and our Local! She is being trained by the very best - Ms. Rita, so we are more than sure Michaela will be successful in her new position.  If you find some free time, please take a quick minute to call down to the Union hall and welcome Michaela!

Now that we are finally getting back to somewhat of a “new normal” with the Covid 19 pandemic, our local has returned to holding our General Membership Meetings in person again. The next General Membership Meeting will be held Saturday, September 24, 2022. Our national Union is also starting to hold in person conferences and conventions nationwide as well.

Along with that great news, the DMAL will also start the planning for the Bi-Annual Membership Appreciation Picnic! The Membership picnic is held in the off year of the Bi-Annual APWU National Convention year. So, in 2022, the APWU National Convention is being held in Washington DC August 15-18, 2022. The DMAL Membership picnic will then be held next summer of 2023. The Executive Board welcomes any suggestions on the planning of the outdoor event to include, venue, type of food and entertainment. The Executive Board will begin the planning of this major event at the October Executive Board Meeting.

Congratulations to the APWU and the awesome new Collective Bargaining Agreement! The APWU was able to retain and gain so many positive rights for our members! New COLA and pay raises were just a few of the amazing gains obtained in the new agreement. You can view the full new CBA on the national website, or you can call your steward and officers with any questions.

The DMAL would like to thank every APWU member who continues to work during the pandemic to make sure the mail is processed and delivered to every residence in the United States. Your hard work and dedication are recognized and very much appreciated! Stay Safe and United as we work through the heat and our new beginnings as the DMAL American Postal Workers Union!

                                        Sisters and Brothers

                                             By Kijana Myers Executive Vice President

Greetings, I wanted to give you some information on the current implementation of the contractual raises. As of June 4, 2022 the contractual 1.3% and COLA raises took effect. You should have seen the raises on your June 24, 2022 paycheck. National informed us that the $.50 raises for the PSE’s was not showing and they are in the process of correcting the issues. Yes, there will be backpay from the June 4, 2022 date of implementation.

I know the major question is when will the retroactive pay be paid out?  As of right now national does not have a date as it is a very large undertaking. The program for the retroactive has not been completed but is in the works. When national gives more information we will be sure to get it out to you.

 I will close with, the summer is here please stay hydrated. COVID is still very much alive so please take the proper precautions to keep yourself and your family safe. Please stay safe and return home to your loved ones the way you left.

                                                     DMAL Phone Extentions 

Nikki Albertson


Jesse Michel


Robert Boyle


Dale Mitchell


Michaela Brisker, Office Secretary


Christian Momjian


Jamie Chacon


Jolene Montiel, Coordinator


Len Chavez


Kijana Myers, Exec. Vice-President


Lawanda Davis


Jim Perry, Dir. MVS Craft


Andrea Franklin


Muriel Ponder, Dir. Maint. Craft


Anthony Ganaway


Charles Quintana, Dir. Clerk Craft


Sandy Garcia, Administrative Aide


Joe Quintana, Coordinator                


Maria Holsinger


Deanna Tesone, Recording Secretary


Janet Hunter, Health Plan Rep.


Sherman Thomas


Philip Larson


Laviena Vargas, President


Jeff LaRue


Tina Vivens-Stafford, Dir. Human Rel.


Monica Lipscomb


Tino Valle


Anthony Lucido


Toshay Wilkerson


Darius Wilson


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